The family which live most of the time with men out of home.
The picture below show the family were all men move ealy morning in searching of the casual work as to ensure the family are able to eat.
The difficulities in living around the town of Gulu, the life depend of from hand to mouth as way of the servival.
Because culturally women are searched with responsibilty ot take care of the children, some of the good men move inorder to look for money so that there family will be able to get food the next day. Other men base their life of the women production especially in the situation when a man proved to have the chronic ill ness all the potentiality of the family shall be left to the women.
The women above is taking care of the family dressing to be kept clean, there after she is to llok for the food for the family.
The huts you see have to accomodate men , women and their children this give the negative cultural practice which was not there in Acholi culture before the war.
The of rebuilding the Acholi culture to the formerly respected still are being hinder in the unstable peace talk process in Juba which ealier proved to be the way to the complete peace in northern uganda.

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